Mays Chiropractic is unlike any other. I have been to several chiropractors before seeing Dr. Mays; none of them is as effective as Dr. Mitch. Not only is his personality the kind that draws people to him, he is warm, friendly and trustworthy. I have availed myself of several of their services; chiropractic, hypnotherapy, and a wonderful massage from Terri’s magic hands. I have been in pain from arthritis and one hypnotherapy session ended my pain and ended my dependency on Norco for pain control. He continues to help me and has become my Life Coach to guide me into a wonderful new and exciting phase in my life. I love them both and cannot ever thank them enough for helping to save my life.

– Bobbie Talbert

Amazing!!! My 2nd visit and I’m almost pain free, without meds, for the 1st time since I was rear-ended March 18th. It’s so extraordinary!

 – Cynthia Taylor

This was definitely the best 1 /12 hours I have spent in a long time. So happy I was invited to this informational class on EFT -(Emotional Freedom Technique) by Terri.

Mitchell & Terri Mays – thank you so much for taking the time & sharing your knowledge about this alternative technique of healing our bodies.

– Heiki King

“Walk in…feel the love. Join the wellness journey professionally designed for you.”

–  Lynn T.

“I was asked to write a something for Terri and her massages, well that’s easy. She’s the Best! After her massage I feel like I’m floating and glowing the rest of the day. Truly the best massage I’ve had”.

– Sue K.

“Terri is different than any massage therapist I have gone to. I mean that in a good way. I think because she works with her husband who is a chiropractor her knowledge about what the muscles and body needs she combines relaxing massage with deep tissue in a way I have never experienced. I tell my friends about them all the time. They make a great healing team. I use to have constant back pain and tight muscles, now I rotate seeing Doc and Terri and I am virtually pain free”.

– Keven S.

“Dr. Mitchell and Terri Mays are great. They are truly concerned about my whole health and have helped me not only from the ground up with customized inserts for my feet, which made a huge difference in my spine, but the bodywork and hypnotherapy together have been instrumental in improving my overall health and happiness. One of the few chiropractors in the area that treats your whole person and not just your back”.

– Gail F.

“I had spine and neck problems all my life and never had relief until Dr. Mays did his magic. He offers top care with a warm heart that makes me come back for more. He has plenty of experience and enough youth to keep his office fresh with positive therapies and spirit. You can absolutely rely on his expertise and his devotion to his profession is admirably outstanding!”

– Aaron M.

“Amazing. Words can’t describe how Dr. Mays has helped me. I am a very physical person and have a lot of sport injuries that I put my body through. With the help of Dr Mays and him treating me I been able to continue my lifestyle that I enjoy pain free. He has helped me recover from old injuries and educated me to avoid future injuries for myself. Its was nice to meet someone that actually cared about me instead treating me like a number. He took the time and personal interest to address my injuries and educate me in the process. One can get a true feel good experience from Dr Mays and has helped me in so many ways. Thank You Doc.”

– Robert R.

“The best chiropractic, hypnotherapy and massage that I have ever received. They treat the whole body, mind, spirit complex. Having hypnotherapy and bodywork with the chiropractic has really made a difference in how fast they have been able to help my back pain and scoliosis.”

– Marandah R.