Whiplash in Low-Speed Collisions

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Whiplash Can Even Happen in Low-Speed Collisions Article by ChiroTrust Though whiplash injuries can arise from any sudden jar, like a slip and fall or sports injury, they are most commonly associated with motor vehicle collisions, even those that occur at low speeds. To best understand how someone can become injured in cases where little to no vehicular damage has … Read More

How Does a Health Savings Account Work?

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How Does a Health Savings Account Work? HSAs Explained Article by: Sydney Frazer We know what you are probably thinking: is there really another health insurance acronym I need to learn? While the answer to this question is yes,  you don’t need to stress! We’ve answered all the questions you have about health savings accounts (HSAs) so you never again … Read More

Soreness After Adjustment

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“I came in O.K., but was Sore after my Adjustment!” “Gee, Doc, whadja do to me? I felt better before that last adjustment!” This is not an uncommon experience. Adjusting the spine requires more than just moving bones, it also involves making changes in flexibility, which means your muscles and tendons have to adapt. Some muscles have to work harder, … Read More

Coming Soon in AUDIOBOOK!

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MIND GATE: Demolish Fear, Overcome Anxiety and Create the Life You Want in Audio Book – COMING SOON! This body of work, as described in this book, has a life of “It’s” own. “It” has a vision…. As I was reading my earlier book, I found some discrepancies, and I wanted to write the story this book wanted me to tell. Discrepancies … Read More