It’s all in the Research

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It’s all in the Research Article by Chiropractic Wellness Gone are the days when it could be said that chiropractic care is “unscientific”. The chiropractic profession leads the way in research related to the conservative treatment of lower back pain. The RAND Study led by Dr. Paul Shekelle (a medical doctor at UCLA) revealed “Spinal manipulation is the most commonly used … Read More

The Importance of Posture

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The Importance of Posture Article from Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine What is balanced posture? Balanced posture is the position that causes the least amount of stress on your body. In the world of postural analysis, one way to determine balanced posture is to see if the external auditory meatus (the outside opening to your ear canal) lines up directly … Read More

Neck and Back Pain – Foot Solutions Part Two

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Neck and Back Pain – Foot Solutions Part Two Video by Dr. Mitchell Mays When the Foot Hits the Ground, Everything Changes. Article Written by Foot Levelers – Orthopedic Notes Heel Strike – Study after study has shown repeated impact between the foot and the ground can cause a wide range of injury. from stress fractures to cartilage breakdown, from shin splints … Read More

Neck and Back Pain – Foot Solutions Part One

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Neck and Back Pain – Foot Solutions Part One Video by Dr. Mitchell Mays Neck pain, middle & low back pain, arm, shoulder,hip, knee and ankle pain… Most of these are caused by or at least aggravated by structural stress. Most structural stress is caused by or made much worse by a loss of the structural integrity of the feet. The … Read More

“Life’s Simple, but Important, Health Decisions…”

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Healthy Oils Article Written by Michael Gerber, MD, HMD Eating bad oils, especially Trans fats such as margarine and commercial cooking oils, cause inflammation and depletion of good anti-inflammatory oils. Trans fats are shaped like railroad tracks and were developed by the Germans in WWII by bubbling hydrogen through fat to give it a longer shelf life, which they sent … Read More