Chiropractic & Orthotics

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Why Patients Need More Than One Pair In order for your adjustment to hold properly, you need to maintain proper postural support throughout the day. If you’re someone who quickly or easily slips back into the postural misalignment after a chiropractic adjustment, you’re more than likely a victim of improper support in your shoes. You must ensure that your pedal … Read More

The Importance of Multiple Pairs

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By Dr. Tim Maggs The feet are the foundation of the body. Just like a house, when the foundation is not level everything that sits atop is not supported and is crooked. This means that normal foot mechanics can adversely influence the normal functions of the ankle, knee, hip, back, and neck. If left untreated, many foot conditions eventually contribute … Read More

Whiplash in Low-Speed Collisions

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Whiplash Can Even Happen in Low-Speed Collisions Article by ChiroTrust Though whiplash injuries can arise from any sudden jar, like a slip and fall or sports injury, they are most commonly associated with motor vehicle collisions, even those that occur at low speeds. To best understand how someone can become injured in cases where little to no vehicular damage has … Read More